W  A  T  E  R 

FIR WATER is a global water solutions supplier since 20 years, offer global solutions for water, wastewater, desalination, waste to energy recovery and reuse, agriculture, food & beverage industry, pharma industry, heavy industry.

Primary water treatments: for water from wells or rivers or sea for make the waters drinkable, for municipalities and residential, for military and humanitarian uses, for Industry, for Hotels or Agriculture.

Waste water treatments:  to purify water polluted by heavy industrial processes, toxic chemicals, poisons from disasters,  or Agriculture toxic pesticides and fertilizers dangerous for human and animal health.

Refining water treatments: operations applied on drinkable water as a raw material in food, which compromise the good result of the finished product which can be bread, soft drink, beer, wine or a drug in pharma industry or a cosmetics or soaps in cosmetics and hair care tricological industry.


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