The FIR group

Our company has been active for more than 20 years in Italy and abroad in the provision of consultancy services for the internationalization of businesses and the relocation of production activities, for research and development to emerging countries, for the development of agricultural technologies, foods, beverages, soft drinks, alcohol, water treatments, cosmeceutical and pharma industry.

It also provides business consulting, real estate, tax and financial transactions with particular attention to the management of relationships with banks and credit institutions.

Our Industrial estate department deals with the study and design of complex industrial turnkey, the company employs skilled and professional staff located throughout the area and for the provision of services, both for the supply of turnkey technology solutions and engineering

Our Investment and Development Consulting of Hotels and SPA, Fashion Retail, Value Centers and new innovative retail real estate concepts is other specialities of FIR Group with Location Analyses, Valutation/Advisory Opinion, Tenant Demand Reports, Marketing Concepts, Tendering process, Purchase and sale of real estate.


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